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Deporting Young Immigrants is a travesty but what about undocumented parents deported for jaywalking or having a broken taillight?

Barack Hussein Obama's & Napolitano's Secure Communities Program must come to an end deporting the undocumented.

Unless Barack Hussein Obama and Napolitano abide with all the above, Hispanic News, Latino News, , Jon Garrido Gonzales National News and New Mexico News strongly recommend Hispanics/Latinos not vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

Eva Longoria used by Barack Hussein Obama.

There is no difference between Barack Hussein Obama/Napolitano, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Phoenix, Arizona, and the German Gestapo arresting anyone with a brown face.

Barack Hussein Obama's use of Longoria as a prop is shameful having her present his message to Hispanics to stay with him in 2012 but the 2008 excitement for Barack Hussein Obama has been replaced by disappointment from broken promises.

If Barack Hussein Obama does not end the Secure Communities Program used to arrest anyone for jaywalking and driving with a broken taillight, a campaign will be forthcoming to not support Barack Hussein Obama's re-election in 2012.

I will vote Republican in 2012. I am tired of being taken for granted, lied to and if we do not stand up for our friends and family members, who will?

Jon Garrido Gonzales National News

Puerto Ricans instead of obtaining Immigration Reform from Barack Hussein Obama gave away the Hispanic Congressional Caucus votes for Health Care for the residents of Puerto Rico.

Barack Hussein Obama deports 1,000,000 Hispanics and lied he had no choice

WASHINGTON DC (By Jon Garrido Gonzales, JGG News) August29, 2011 — Barack Hussein Obama won two-thirds of the Hispanic vote in 2008 by promising immigration policies would be a top priority in his first term and would be overhauled.


But Barack Hussein Obama failed to deliver Immigration Reform granting a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Instead, Barack Hussein Obama implemented Secure Communities, a deportation program, used to deport more than 1million undocumented immigrants since 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama's failure with Immigration has resulted in deep Hispanic disappointment with Barack Hussein Obama.


In 2011, U.S. immigration policy is the number one issue with Hispanic voters, according to a poll conducted by the independent research firm Latino Decisions.

Asked to name the most important issue facing Hispanics, 51% of respondents cited immigration, 35% said the economy and jobs, and 18% said education.

A majority of Hispanic voters surveyed by Latino Decisions said they know an undocumented immigrant and one-fourth said they know someone who is facing deportation or has been deported.


Among Hispanics, Barack Hussein Obama’s job approval rating has plummeted from its 85 percent high mark in April 2009, to 49 percent this month according to Gallup.


Barack Hussein Obama's failure with Immigration Reform has led to a wave of immigration laws that have swept through states since 2006 with state legislators expected to introduce about 1,400 bills this year.


Since last fall, both English and Spanish language media have heavily chronicled record deportations and controversial enforcement policies promoted by President Barack Hussein Obama.


After the latest defeat of the Dream Act, Barack Hussein Obama was pressed to use “Prosecutorial Discretion” to avoid deporting Young Immigrants. Barack Hussein Obama countered with a White House invitation to Hispanics where they were told he had no authority to decrease deportations.


Barack Hussein Obama stated he could not break the law regarding deportations. One of the props used to support what Barack Hussein Obama claimed was Eva Longoria bedazzled with a White House invitation where she was informed the world is flat.


Longoria swallowed Barack Hussein Obama's lie — hook, line and sinker.


Reading from her White House prepared script, Eva Longoria said, "We would like to blame Barack Hussein Obama for inaction on lessening deportations, but he can’t just disobey the law that’s written.’’

Longoria, an American actress best known for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series Desperate Housewives, in 10 minutes of White House training, became an expert on immigration law specializing in Presidential Executive Branch Authority Regarding Implementation of Immigration Laws and Policies.


But there is no humor with staff utterances used by Barack Hussein Obama to preach the Barack Hussein Obama mantra of: deport, deport, deport.


Hilda L. Solis, Katherine Archuleta and Cecilia Muñoz, the White House official who oversees immigration policy said, "Mr. Barack Hussein Obama strongly favors Secure Communities because he does not have the option of saying, while I’m waiting for Congress to come forward, I am not going to bother to enforce the law.”

"The Secure Communities program is the best tool we have,” added Muñoz, “to enforce the law in the best possible way.”


On April 29, 2011, an internal Memorandum was issued Re: Executive Branch Authority Regarding Implementation of Immigration Laws and Policies which states, "The authority of law enforcement agencies to exercise discretion in deciding what cases to investigate and prosecute under existing civil and criminal law, including immigration law, is fundamental to the American legal system."


On August 18, Barack Hussein Obama pulled the rug from underneath Solis, Archuleta and Muñoz by announcing "Prosecutorial Discretion” would now be used to waive deportations of Young Immigrants.


Obviously, Barack Hussein Obama used Eva Longoria by lying he could not break the law thereby being forced to deport 1,000,000 undocumented Hispanics in the three years he has been President.


It is apparent Barack Hussein Obama, Solis, Archuleta and Muñoz do not understand the lack of Immigration Reform causes severe hardship and deportation as evident of 1,000,000 Hispanics deported compounded by constant fear undocumented Hispanics are forced to live with in the United States identical to fear German Gestapo heaped upon Jews when asked, "Papers, please," and finding no papers, deported 6,000,00 Jews to concentration camps where they were murdered.


Barack Hussein Obama does not deserve to be re-elected and his Hispanic staff have lost all creditability and ethics for betraying Hispanics for it is only because they are Hispanics they work at the White House.


Hispanic groups believe the far greater impact of Barack Hussein Obama failing to have Immigration Reform approved in Barack Hussein Obama's first term as president, when the Democrats controlled Congress, is "social" fueled by racism.


Laws targeting undocumented immigrants have reflected and intensified the rising anti-immigration movement both in statehouses and on the streets. The result is a legislative record from Arizona to Florida that hasn't made much of a mark on undocumented immigration, but has fueled a populist Republican/Tea Party backlash against Hispanic undocumented immigrants.

State and local policies have significant negative effects. When Prince William County in Virginia passed an SB 1070-style law in 2008, those embroiled in the debate say it became a very different place.

"It wasn't just that a law was passed. All of a sudden people felt threats of violence," says film producer Chris Rigopulos after a screening of "9500 Liberty," a documentary on the law.

In Arizona, an estimated 100,000 Hispanics in the dark of night left the state in the months after AZSB 1070 was enacted, according to a BBVA Bancomer Research study.

According to Alicia Sandoval, who left Arizona for Ohio, this mass exodus was not just because of AZSB 1070. Ms. Sandoval, who came to the US from Mexico 10 years ago, says the law only formalized what had been going on for years.

"When we first came to Arizona, there was no fear," Sandoval says through an interpreter. "The police wouldn't treat you bad, even if you didn't have any papers."

But that changed. She points to aggressive policies of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who arrested and used ICE to deport 26,000 people from 2007 to 2010 – all before AZSB 1070.

Sandoval worked at a bakery in a heavily Hispanic west Phoenix neighborhood and often saw lines of cars pulled over by sheriff deputies when she got off work at 1 a.m. She says Sheriff Arpaio's deputies would find reasons, such as expired tags to pull over people, arrest them and then call ICE.

To Win 2nd Term, Barack Hussein Obama needs a Large Hispanic Turnout


Hispanic voters growing in numbers are crucial in presidential battleground states of New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado.


Mr. Barack Hussein Obama's failure so far to kick-start an immigration-law overhaul has siphoned Hispanic re-election support for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. Twelve states constitute likely battlegrounds for the 2012 election, based on Gallup’s state-by-state ratings of President Barack Hussein Obama’s approval level.

Assuming Barack Hussein Obama can move his national numbers back upward, then 16 states plus the District of Columbia in which he had approval of 50% or better this spring can reasonably be considered his electoral base. They have 215 electoral votes.

The battleground dozen in the middle of Gallup’s rankings have 155 electoral votes, and to win, Barack Hussein Obama needs to win 55 of those while holding his base. The battlegrounds, which also appear on lists drawn up by strategists in both parties, are three perennial swing states, Florida (29), Ohio (18) and Pennsylvania (20); Iowa (6); three in the South, Virginia (13), North Carolina (15) and Georgia (16); and five states in the West, Oregon (7) plus a grouping in the interior West made up of Nevada (6), Arizona (11), New Mexico (5) and Colorado (9).

For those states, Barack Hussein Obama would have to depend on a large Hispanic turnout which is the reason, while most of Washington was embroiled in the debt-ceiling drama last month, about 160 Hispanic leaders from across the country were invited to the White House one day, largely unnoticed.

The White House event was part of a broader effort by Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election campaign to rekindle excitement among Hispanic voters, many of whom have turned their backs on the president amid disappointment over his immigration policies.


Key to the Barack Hussein Obama strategy to regain Hispanic support is shifting voters’ attention beyond the caustic immigration debate with data-driven appeals that show progress in other areas.


For two days, the 160 Hispanic invitees enjoyed full access to top presidential advisers, cabinet members and administration officials from across the government. Before the participants left Washington, they received a glossy 33-page booklet detailing talking points to be shared back home — 1.9 million Hispanics kept out of poverty by the stimulus, $808million in loans last year to Hispanic small businesses, and an extra $1billion directed to colleges with large numbers of Hispanic students, to name a few.


In policy discussions with the 160 Hispanic activists from across the country, Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, a top White House liaison to the Hispanic community, said, “I understand the pain our community is going through but I think it’s amazing how little people know of the good things this administration has done.”


To many of the invited Hispanics, it was obvious Solis has been in living in a Washington cocoon reciting the Barack Hussein Obama mantra and has no clue on the pain undocumented Hispanics must endure who must comply with draconian immigration laws and live in constant fear of being arrested for a broken tail light and deported leaving behind a broken family.


The tensions — and the administration’s aggressive efforts to soothe them — reached a climax of sorts in a flurry of activity last week, with the administration making a surprise announcement Thursday it was giving officials discretion to suspend certain deportation cases that have drawn fire from critics, such as ones involving young people brought to the country in early childhood.

The White House move came two days after immigrant advocates delivered tens of thousands of petitions to Barack Hussein Obama’s re-election headquarters and other Democratic Party offices demanding an end to the administration’s aggressive deportation policy.


Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans are oblivious, unaffected and impervious to Immigration Reform


Administration officials announced last week they would host Hispanic policy conferences in cities across the country. Some will be in key political battlegrounds — with the first to take place this month in Orlando, home to a large Puerto Rican community that is a prime target for the campaign’s early voter registration efforts.


The outreach to Puerto Ricans is indicative of how far out of touch Barack Hussein Obama is with Hispanics.


Even if every Puerto Rican voter voted for Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama would still loose the 2012 election without Mexican Americans voting for Barack Hussein Obama.


Puerto Ricans and Cuban Americans have no empathy for Immigration Reform and do not consider Immigration Reform a priority because Puerto Ricans can come and go to Puerto Rico without hindrance.


Barack Hussein Obama can wine and dine the Puerto Ricans as he did with $7.3 Billion dollars for their votes on Health Care Reform but unless Barack Hussein Obama ends Secure Communities to win Mexican American voters, Barack Hussein Obama will not win re-election.


Connecting with the Mexican American community which is 65% of all Hispanics in the USA should be the highest priority for Barack Hussein Obama but sadly, and to his probable misfortune, Barack Hussein Obama thinks the Puerto Rican community is key to his re-election but including Cuban Americans, both communities total less than 10% of all Hispanics and someone should inform Barack Hussein Obama, only Puerto Ricans who live in the United States can vote, eliminating those living in Puerto Rico, thus lessening the 10% to a much lesser number.


The number of Tea Cup Cuban Americans Republicans drops the number of eligible Puerto Rican and Cuban American voters who would vote for Barack Hussein Obama down to 1.5%.


Since Barack Hussein Obama in the first two years of his presidency when Democrats controlled the Congress failed to achieve Immigration Reform, Barack Hussein Obama has only one avenue available to regain Mexican American support which is to end the Secure Communities Program and quit deporting undocumented immigrants.


The White House efforts to build up the Hispanic base coincide with recent moves by Barack Hussein Obama’s Chicago-based re-election campaign to begin ramping up its grass-roots Hispanic operations in key states.


The campaign recently named Solis’s former chief of staff, longtime Denver strategist Katherine Archuleta, as its national political director, touting her as the highest-ranking Latina in the organization.


Archuleta and campaign manager Jim Messina met this month with Hispanic organizers and volunteers in Las Vegas, and next month Archuleta plans to hold similar meetings in Colorado, Florida and New Mexico.


“There’s a lot of outreach, but I think what people are still getting frustrated with is, okay, where are the outcomes in terms of policy?” said Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials and a regular participant in meetings with top White House officials.


“The White House feels they have done all this work in other areas on the economy that has benefited Hispanics just like it’s benefited most of the country,” he said. “But it hasn’t been perceived that way in the community.”


If the 160 Hispanic leaders invited to the White House accept the talking point items as a indicator of success that can substitute for Immigration Reform and condones 1,000,000 deportations and Secure Communities continuing — then the 160 Hispanic leaders are not leaders but Eva Longoria clones who can be bedazzled with as little as a White House dinner of Red Herring but nothing will substitute for approved Immigration Reform with a path to citizenship for 12 million undocumented immigrants or overturning AZSB 1070 at the Supreme Court.


Barack Hussein Obama had a Immigration Reform possibility in the first two years of his presidency when Democrats controlled Congress but Barack Hussein Obama blew this opportunity.


With Republicans in control of the House and the 2012 election just around the corner, the only option for Barack Hussein Obama to re-gain Hispanic support is to continue “Prosecutorial Discretion” ending deportation of Young Immigrants and ending the Secure Communities Program used to deport undocumented immigrants.


The U.S. Supreme Court will Uphold AZSB 1070 becoming the Law of the Land Unless.....


As for the U.S. Department of Justice, I think DOJ is a joke. Obviously, Sheriff Joe Arpaio thinks DOJ is also a joke because he has been under investigation by DOJ for two years with no forthcoming indictment of Arpaio allowing Arpaio to continue daily arresting undocumented immigrants for broken tail lights or jaywalking knowing he can reek havoc on the undocumented in Maricopa County, Arizona and DOJ is not clever enough to stop him.

Lastly, as important as ending the tyranny of Joe Arpaio is, unless Barack Hussein Obama replaces Eric H. Holder, Jr. to prepare for the upcoming fight before the U.S. Supreme Court to defeat AZSB 1070, the vote will be 5-4 upholding AZSB 1070 as the law of the land.


This will wreck havoc on Hispanics as severe as the German Gestapo or SS sending 6,000,000 Jews to concentration camps to be murdered using gas chambers.


Only Immigration Reform or the U.S. Supreme Court can end AZSB 1070. The crumbs identified as talking points provided by Solis don't even come close to being fundamental to the welfare of 50 million Hispanics living in the USA.


Since Barack Hussein Obama failed to win Immigration Reform, the only hope we have is a Hail Mary pass to score the winning touchdown that defeats AZSB 1070 at the U.S. Supreme Court voting 5-4 to overturn AZSB 1070.


But I predict there will be no Hail Mary pass and the vote will be 5-4 to uphold AZSB 1070 making racism across the USA the law of the land having a devastating crippling blow on America's Hispanics.




I think the White House crumbs identified in the White House glossy 33-page booklet detailing talking points to be shared back home are an insult to the Hispanic community thinking we can be bought with a few trinkets of gold while our families are torn apart.


I am tired of Barack Hussein Obama's foolishness that comes from a severe lack of empathy for Hispanic undocumented.


I am tired of Barack Hussein Obama taking American Hispanics for granted.


I am tired of broken promises.


I am tired of Barack Hussein Obama's lack of leadership on all facets of America.


For the 2008 election, I started the Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party and wrote the Blue Dog endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama for President in 2008.


I supported Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 but I do not support Barack Hussein Obama in 2012; however, there is one additional component in this complex formula not yet identified by anyone.


One of the most important Powers of a United States President is the Power to appoint a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.


Within the next six years, at least one United States Supreme Court Justice will retire giving Barack Hussein Obama an opportunity to nominate a Supreme Court Justice that could vote to overturn AZSB 1070 assuming the U.S. Supreme Court upholds AZSB 1070 when it is heard by the Court.

If Barack Hussein Obama gives assurance he will appoint a Justice that has a judicial background supporting the decision of the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to turn down the appeal from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer who asked a lower court’s injunction of the law be denied, then a 5-4 vote by the Supreme Court to overturn AZSB 1070 would eliminate the foundation for racism in the USA.


This fact alone is reason to re-elect President Barack Hussein Obama.


The complication in this hypothesis is Barack Hussein Obama has no creditability. Barack Hussein Obama easily breaks promises as evident by promising Immigration Reform in his 2008 campaign and then his failure to push hard for Immigration Reform as he did for Health Care Reform.


The litmus test for Barack Hussein Obama's appointment of a Justice to overturn AZSB 1070 to show good faith is found in Barack Hussein Obama ending Secure Communities and stopping all deportations of undocumented immigrants — not tomorrow but today.


If Barack Hussein Obama immediately ends Secure Communities and immediately stops deportations of undocumented immigrants, then Hispanics could vote to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama.


If Barack Hussein Obama fails to end Secure Communities and continues to deport the undocumented, then Jon Garrido Gonzales National News will begin a national campaign to end support of Barack Hussein Obama and recommend America's Hispanics not vote for Barack Hussein Obama in 2012.

Jon Garrido Gonzales National News


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